You will sign an agreement with Equinox Racing confirming the shareholding; commitments from both parties, and all terms and conditions have been read and understood.  When payment is made you will receive a share certificate, signed by the Directors, confirming the number of shares you hold in each racehorse.

You can pay your monthly club membership by any method.  However, Equinox Racing does not accept PayPal.  Direct Debit or Standing Order are preferred methods.

Equinox Racing would offer these shares to other owners in the first instance at the purchase price.  If there was no interest, Equinox Racing would take the shares back at nil value and take over the monthly training costs.  It is at extreme discretion that Equinox Racing will offer any value for the shares. 

Share can be sold privately; however, they cannot be sold at a premium.  Equinox Racing would buy the shares back from you, and then transfer the value to the new shareholder, as they would need to sign the relevant agreements with us regarding the ongoing commitments of being a racehorse owner with us.

Yes.  However, each venue has different rules on how many passes we are entitled to.  Priority is always to owners, but club members do have the option to ballot for tickets in the instance where the demand is greater.  However, Equinox Racing will always ensure every member has the same opportunities throughout the course of the year.  There may be some instances where we can obtain tickets to other meetings throughout the year, so please enquire with Equinox Racing if you have interest in visiting your local course at any time, as we may have the ability to enhance your experience.

We receive prize money from Weatherby’s approximately 15 days after the race.  These winnings are paid into a client account, reconciled, and the distributed quarterly to each shareholder.  Reconciliations can be provided at request.

Yes, however, it would need booking in advance to ensure the trainers are able to host your visit, and to ensure you can see the horse at work.  There are regular set open days where owners can visit, and these will be published in Equinox Racing’s weekly newsletter.